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Lembke Nursing Service


Lembke Nursing Service


Online since 07/2016


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LEMBKE Häusliche Kranken- und Altenpflege GmbH shines on the Internet with an all-new, low-barrier, TYPO3-based Responsive Web site. During the implementation a great focus was put on making the frontend as barrier-free as possible. This includes an optimized preparation of the HTML code for, among other things, the auxiliary tools of blind and visually impaired people, good contrasts, sufficiently large typeface, renouncement of unnecessary animations, clearly understandable language and renouncement of transporting relevant information purely in pictures or video or at least offering alternative texts for visual media. Many of these points are regulated in the German legal basis BITV 2.0. The TYPO3 CMS is technically already optimally prepared for editors to meet these requirements. The awarding of alternative and descriptive texts is also a positive factor for the search engine optimization of a website.


  • TYPO3 CMS 7.6
  • flux
  • fluidcontent
  • fluidpages
  • vhs