Extbase, Fluid, Responsive, Domains and more

As one of our core competencies we want to point out our technical expertise in web development. We cover the full range of web services from pixel-perfect web layouts in HTML and CSS through enrichening layouts with Ajax and jQuery up to the usage of databases or other external systems with PHP and frameworks such as TYPO3, Magento or Zend Framework.

Because these topics are becoming a science in itself, we offer each of these disciplines from another specialist. For you as a customer it is not easy to see whether the underlying  implementation of your project has been done properly and future-proof. Nevertheless you will find out soon, if this has not been the case when you want to extend your website or update your content management system, encounter unwanted side effects and finally end up in a technical deadlock.

In this context it is always good to remember the following quote from Allen Barnett:

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur."


Some of our happy clients