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We are looking forward to your request for a web site, web shop or web application project, preferably with TYPO3 CMS, Magento Shop System or other php based web frameworks. We will be happy to have a first free and non-binding meeting and consultation with you, after which you will usually get at least a rough overview of the expected efforts and costs or at least know which aspects need to be further thought through or defined. For 14 years our team has been carrying out predominantly complex web site and web shop projects and can draw on a very rich wealth of experience and thus provide you with strong consulting support.

If your ideas are not yet fully worked out, so that no reliable effort can be determined, we would be happy to do a conceptual workshop with you, in which we work out your concept further together to come closer to a useful estimation. Of course we do not necessarily have to carry out a project on the basis of a fixed-price complete estimate. Meanwhile, there are alternative approaches to projects that make just as much sense without complex specifications and calculations, especially if it is to be expected that requirements may change again in the course of the project. We have written the following blog article about this: Cost estimation, fixed price and agile development.

Our communication languages are German and English and you can usually reach us from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT+1, sometimes also longer or earlier. We are very happy to receive your request by e-mail or contact form. We are also available for you by telephone, but not permanently due to the lack of a front office. In the course of the project we try to channel all project-related communication through our ticket system, which is much more comprehensible for the entire project team than a direct e-mail or phone call, where sometimes very relevant information can quickly trickle away and not be available for the other team members. Likewise, it is hardly possible to get a clear overview of a project status. In a ticket system, however, it is always immediately apparent who is working on what, what processing status individual topics have, and at the same time you have an automatically running project documentation. During the course of the project, we see the telephone only as an emergency communication channel for very urgent incidents. Also a blog article from us: Support communication in web-projects

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