Philosophy Quality Procedure

How we see and do things.

Reliable and good results

We always try to achieve the best possible result for our customers. However, a good result, in which all parties are satisfied, has priority for us over the fastest possible result. Every good result is preceded by equally good planning and conception. This is the only way to know in advance what the project will cost and when it will be finished. You can always expect honesty and reliability from us. If we promise a completion date, you can rely on it just as you can on our cost estimates. If we were not sure, we would not give you our word.

Eyes open when choosing a service provider

Our projects are professional and high quality, technically clean and stable, have a good design that works on all tested browsers and devices and you can run and develop your project for a very long time. All this has its price and can be more expensive than comparable offers or especially IT outsourcing alternatives in Eastern Europe or Asia. Therefore it is always worthwhile to take a closer look at comparative offers in terms of experience, references, quality, short communication channels and reliability of the service provider, which as factors apart from the pure price comparison can decide on the actual and sustainable success of a web project.

Agency quality at freelancer price

In short - you will receive a service as you would expect from an agency, but without paying the overhead of the agency. We do not have a stylish office in a renowned city centre location with designer furniture and expensive office equipment. We believe that it is just as easy to discuss your needs in a coworking space such as betahaus Hamburg, a nice cafĂ© or directly at your location. We do without a large staff ceiling, a front office and project managers. With us you have direct contact to the developers without detours. We usually respond very promptly to your inquiries and meet you at eye level. We like it uncomplicated. 

Important for project quality

  • Prior to the implementation we do an intensive analysis of your task. A detailed conception is written down in a functional specification, captured in sketches or even in a clickable prototype.
  • We think adherence to schedules and reliability is absolutely important.
  • We keep an eye on the big picture - online marketing, search engine optimization, social media, maintainability in everyday life, upgradeability, expendability and of course performance and security is what we take very seriously with our technical solutions.
  • We prefer a correct, proper and safe use of technologies. This includes valid HTML, adherence to programming guidelines, separation of design, data and logic for a maximum of flexibility in our software and of course the testing of any development result.
  • We always consider all relevant safety aspects of your web application to give hackers no chance.
  • We try to avoid hidden operating costs that could arise due to high licensing costs for images, software or unnecessary manual maintenance of your application.
  • Performance and scalability. In case your company is growing your web application has to do so as well.
  • Usability for you and your customers. Whatever we develop, it must be efficiently usable for you and your customers. 
  • If we make mistakes (and that has already happened), we fix them free of charge and of course as quickly as possible.
  • On weekdays we are available by ticket-system, e-mail or telephone in emergencies at common office hours. Holiday periods are announced far in advance.
  • When a project has been completed, we are of course available to support, maintain, change or extend something in your web-project any time.

Of course, high quality standards also have an impact on the price. But please consider the following quotation:

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.
Allen Barnett

Web project step by step

In principle, a complete web project runs on the basis of a fixed price offer, which is currently still the rule with our customers, with us in the following steps:

  1. Planning and conception before implementation
  2. Writing a quotation, waiting for it to be countersigned.
  3. Generally we don't need to get a down payment before the project, but at the end of each month during the project charge the actually occured costs so far.
  4. Design the responsive design, approval by you
  5. Implementation of the responsive design in HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, approval by you
  6. Setting up the content management systemshop system, etc.
  7. If necessary custom software development like for example a TYPO3 extension or Magento modification
  8. Testing
  9. Final review, approval of  implementation
  10. Possibly corrections, optimization or changes
  11. Launch
  12. Possibly fixes of problems that came up during live operation
  13. Ongoing support, implementing changes, further development and updates of your system if you like

Of course we can also just do parts of this full process for you or work in an agile way with you.

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