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Our customers are small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. Our main catchment area is the north of Germany. However, we also have clients in Frankfurt, Munich, London, Spain and Tanzania. In addition to our direct clients, we work as subcontractors for various renowned web and advertising agencies. We would be happy to welcome you as a new client.

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Ellen Pfennig, Marketing/PR ELSTER WERKE

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About our clients

Our client structure currently consists of about 60% direct clients and 40% from other agencies for which we work as subcontractors and unfortunately are not allowed to mention the references. We mainly work for web agencies and advertising agencies from Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. Especially our hometown Hamburg has a very large web-agency density, in which there is a lively exchange, as most of them have a very high workload, which often exceeds their own capacity limits. In this case we are happy to be available as TYPO3 Freelancer or Magento Freelancer and can also take on only partial tasks in a larger web project such as TYPO3 Backend development or Frontend development, as well as Magento Backend development or Frontend development.

We also like to work for our direct customers, where we usually implement a complete web project from start to finish. This begins with consulting and conception, followed by the design phase, frontend implementation, backend implementation, deployment, bugfixing and launch. Even after the launch, i.e. when a new web project with TYPO3 CMS or the Magento Shop System goes live, we are of course always there for our customers with support and technical maintenance and are always happy to make functional extensions or graphical adjustments. We also take care of all security and stability aspects of your project. This also includes the prompt installation of security updates for TYPO3 CMS or the Magento Shop System. Our customers appreciate our short response times, direct and uncomplicated contact to the respective developers without intermediate communication levels in the form of project managers. Of course this often saves costs due to the thin staffing.

Likewise, we leave our customers alone even without direct work on a past project. We send out newsletters to all our customers, informing them about the expiration of product versions of our software and about fundamental new legal situations in Internet law or changes in search engine algorithms. This way you as our customer are always up to date, even if you are not permanently involved with internet topics and can decide for yourself what you want to react to and what you want to commission.

We are happy to avoid complex and binding maintenance contracts with hypothetical monthly or annual flat rates. As a rule, the reality in every financial year is quite different from the flat-rate contracts and either the customer or the service provider loses out in such arrangements. We believe that every customer should be free to decide what he wants to react to or not in order to remain flexible. Of course we give an estimate for every job where this is possible, so that there are no surprises at the end of the month.

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