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Commercial Open Source
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Magento is a rather young project. It is just some years ago that an American agency choose to develop this shop-system from scratch to finally have an Open Source web-shop framework that is technically well-thought, on a clean and solid base, while open for any kind of modification. Through flexible interfaces the shop-system can be custom-tailored to virtually any kind of requirement in e-commerce, without touching anything within the Magento core system itself. So you can upgrade the core system anytime without worries something might break.

One of the main advantages of Magento is that the system already offers you many features out of the box and it will not be very often that you have to add functionality by developing your own Magento extension module. So for many middle-sized projects it will often only be necessary to do the setup and design work for the shop.

What is meant by the term "Commercial Open Source" from Magento? If you just want to make use of the shop-software on your own and you need no support directly from the producers of Magento, you can just download the "Magento Community Edition" which is free of license costs. Only when you want official support or need very special enterprise-level functionality for your shop, you can go for the "Professional or Enterprise Edition" of Magento. You then buy the advanced services that come with these editions. Still the software itself will remain Open Source. Whatever you decide, we offer to do the installation, setup, customization and design of your Magento Web-Shops for you.



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