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TYPO3 is flexible and expandable

TYPO3 is one of the world's most widespread open source content management systems in the professional environment. Designed for maximum expandability, flexibility and integration into almost every conceivable business process, TYPO3 is a thoroughly complex system in the background. In the right service provider's hands, however, you will not notice any of this in the daily maintenance of your website's content, articles or products. Instead, you will use a convenient system with almost no technical knowledge whatsoever, which we, as your TYPO3 agency from Hamburg, will tailor to your exact needs.

TYPO3 is affordable and cost-effective

TYPO3 projects do not have to be expensive. TYPO3 is open source software. This means you never pay licence fees for an installation or later system updates. Costs are only incurred for the individual design of your TYPO3 website or technical adaptations of the system to your business logic. With an experienced and professional service provider, your individual requirements can be implemented in a lean and cost-effective manner.
TYPO3 is easy to use

In the current versions of TYPO3, the editorial interface is structured logically and comfortably. All contents of your website can be changed by yourself without programming knowledge. In most cases, a short training session is sufficient, which is included in all our projects. Content can be moved around in TYPO3 by simply touching and dragging, and changed in many places with just a few clicks. Functions like image editing make TYPO3 unique and superior to many other systems.

Feel free to contact us so that we can advise you individually, or take a look at what websites and shops we as TYPO3 agency Hamburg have created so far.

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TYPO3 CMS Update

If you have been running your TYPO3 CMS project for several years, you should update to the latest TYPO3 CMS LTS version after the support period of your TYPO3 version has expired. As a TYPO3 agency in Hamburg, we are happy to take care of this service for you. We regularly remind all our customers of such technical updates via a newsletter and also personally, so that you are always up to date and always have a stable, legally secure, maximally comfortable system that meets the current search engine standards. Only in this way will you have sustainable online marketing success and be safe from hacker attacks, which often try to attack outdated systems. We also update TYPO3 CMS projects that were not created by us, even if they have not been technically maintained for a very long time. We love challenges!

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TYPO3 CMS Support

After the creation or relaunch of your TYPO3 website, we do not leave you alone. As a TYPO3 agency in Hamburg, we continue to support your project after the launch. We also implement your spontaneous requirements at short notice, solve your small and large problems in a very timely and uncomplicated manner, and always adapt your website to the latest Internet standards. We are always available to advise you and remind you of changes, e.g. with regard to search engine optimisation and web standards. We are very interested in your online marketing success and advise you with a healthy cost-benefit ratio. We are also happy to take over TYPO3 CMS support for TYPO3 projects that were not created by us, even if they are already older.

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