Training and Coaching

Efficient Learning instead of Trial & Error.

The demands of modern web projects grow as fast as the possibilities of implementing them. In case you want to realize your project by yourself even not having worked with a specific technology like Ajax or a system like TYPO3 before, there are usually two options:

You can train yourself by taking the time for studying books, trying out examples and learn from failures to become acquainted with new technology. This way might in the end still work for you. But faster and much more effective would be a coaching on a particular topic in a practical way. Profiting from our long time experience will probably be a much better basis for you to take the right decisions for your project and to finish it with a satisfying result in a reasonable amount of time.

But we also offer you coachings in non-technical topics such as online marketing, social media (the proper use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ...), search engine optimization and many more.

Such a training or coaching can be done online or at a place of your choice. Whether the training is limited to a few hours or takes several days totally depends on your individual needs.


  • php-Development-Training
  • HTML / CSS Training
  • JavaScript / Ajax / jQuery Training
  • TYPO3 Editors Training
  • TYPO3 Development Training with Extbase and Fluid

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