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Meisterland Business Platform
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Meisterland Business Platform


Online since 10/2014


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The entire b2b website is protected by a login. Only members of the Bäko Süd association can register and log in with their membership number. The heart of the portal is an advertising material generator in which the baker can individually design seasonal advertising material such as posters, flyers, displays and many other print products, upload his or her own graphics such as logo, change and format texts and generate a printable PDF/X file. This enables a baker to place advertising in the sales room very quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly without having to resort to advertising agencies. At the same time, the advertising material generator gives Bäko Süd a good opportunity to control the adherence to certain design standards in all affiliated bakery branches. The templates in the advertising material generator can be set completely independently by Bäko Süd via the TYPO3 CMS. In the background a PDFLib works with php in order to generate the PDF/X files, some of which are very large due to the high-resolution image files, with high performance.


  • TYPO3 CMS 7.6
  • php Pdflib
    • extbase
    • fluid
    • gridelements
    • dce