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Faculty of History Oxford
Historical research at on of the most renowned universities in the world


Faculty of History Oxford


Online since 07/2012


  • Backend Development
  • Content Management System

The Faculty of History of Oxford University uses it to manage all your internet-relevant processes in a special administration area and at the same time updates the content of your website. Design and project management was done by the British agency qedStudio.

All employees have a front-end-supported administration interface, in which they can log in at any time and, even without Backend access to the TYPO3 CMS itself, keep their profile up-to-date in forms that are kept as simple as possible, enter scientific publications, papers, lectures, further links and much more, as well as manage administrative matters such as password and address changes or holiday periods online. This has drastically reduced the previously centralized administrative workload of the university and the website is kept much more up-to-date than before, when a CMS backend access was necessary for everything. This simple university administration system has now been successfully implemented at other faculties of Oxford University, as well as at other universities in England.


  • TYPO3 4.5
  • PHP
  • Fluid