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The KIR M√ľnchen Magazin had previously operated their website with Wordpress. However, the editorial workflow was not very intuitive, as content such as image galleries had to be maintained laboriously via cryptic codes in the Wordpress text editor together with all the remaining text of a KIR article. Thus the maintenance of a more complex article became a rather tedious task. So we decided to migrate all content from an old Wordpress installation with individual php migration scripts into a new TYPO3 system. Using the modern development framework Extbase & Fluid, the online magazine of the KIR Munich was then redeveloped in TYPO3 CMS. Now articles can be structured modularly with content elements and the editorial staff gets along with this more intuitive way of working much better than before with a huge pile of content in a single Wordpress text editor. In addition, a metadata extraction service was set up in TYPO3, which extracts all meta data from the jpeg files when uploading photos for articles, so that the image title and copyright information specified by the photographer is available directly in the article with the image. In addition, the new system can also manage the online advertising for the KIR and display it in the article.


  • TYPO3 CMS 8.7
  • TYPO3-Extensions
    • extbase
    • fluid
    • flux
    • powermail