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The German Tenants' Association has digitalised its members' magazine "Mieterzeitung". Members of the association can now also read their issue online. The implementation was done with the TYPO3 CMS 8.7 LTS and various REST interface connections to the internal systems of the tenants' association, which were connected in TYPO3 via an authentication service. With individual access codes for each issue, a user is verified via the authentication interface and after successful verification can read all articles and those of his regional tenants' association in full text. Neither user name nor password have to be remembered by the association member. Access is via tokens that are only valid for one issue at a time. An indexed full-text search also searches in all articles, taking into account individual access rights. In addition, functions such as reader questions, letters to the editor, competitions and much more are implemented that go beyond the experience of the printed magazine and offer digital added value.


  • TYPO3 CMS 9.5 LTS
  • Extbase
  • Fluid
  • Authentication Service
  • flux