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Jainpedia Encyclopaedia
The encyclopaedia for early indian history


Jainpedia Encyclopaedia


Online since 07/2012


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The Jainpedia is a unique and very complex collection of knowledge about partly just discovered information and documents of early Indian history with several satellite web sites. The online encyclopedia is financed by the British Royal Family and runs parallel to an exhibition of the online presented exhibits in London, Great Britain.

The extremely large amount of information and the high scientific standard required a very complex presentation and structuring of the information. For this purpose, among other things, an automatically generated table of contents, filtering according to media types, bibliography and source index, glossary, list of further links, print version as well as content element pagination within articles were developed. Accordingly, various adjustments had to be made in the CMS for editors in order to be able to edit such complex articles effectively. Various Indian manuscripts can be read in high-resolution form in a specially developed viewer for particularly large graphic files in the original, a timeline leads through all important events of the relevant historical period, in an online library books on the subject can be downloaded or browsed through online, a faceted Apache Solr-based search function helps the user to find his way through the very large information offer.

In addition, we have conducted on-site editor training courses in London at Kings College. Meanwhile, we maintain various other websites and portals for Kings College in the English museum and university sector, such as several faculties of the renowned Oxford University.


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