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nhb Post Production
Post Production


nhb Post Production


Online since 10/2011


  • Frontend HTML / CSS / JS
  • Content Management System
  • Backend Development

This project has been done in cooperation with Marc Fell, who took over the project management. The screendesign for the new web-site has been done by the graphic department of nhb itself.

We did the HTML / CSS, have set up TYPO3 and because of the very special layout-requirements for many different intelligent views for projects, news, showreels, staff and branches, most of the output is rendered by custom developed TYPO3 extensions written in the future-proof frameworks "Extbase" und "Fluid". Most of the other elements in the web-site can be changed by the editors comfortably via flexible content elements created in TemplaVoila.


  • TYPO3 4.6
  • Templavoila
  • Extbase
  • Fluid