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Farmer's Snack Base Fruits
For a better acid-base household


Farmer's Snack Base Fruits


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This microsite for Farmer's Snack provides information about healthy basic nutrition with dried fruit and nut products from Farmer's Snack. The site contains elaborately designed product information, recipes, blog articles and expert contributions. With regard to the products, great importance was attached to providing detailed and appealing information about the regions of origin of the fruits, nutritional values, allergens and much more, as well as cross-references to delicious recipes with these products. Articles on healthy alkaline nutrition appear in the corresponding blog and in the expert area users can ask individual questions on these topics, which are answered by a renowned nutrition expert.


  • TYPO3 CMS 8.7 LTS
  • Extbase
  • Fluid
  • flux
  • fluidcontent
  • vhs