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Web development in the times of Corona

orona (COVID-19) is currently the all-important issue. Everyone works from home as much as possible, we avoid social contacts and prefer to hold face-to-face meetings online wherever possible. This means that at least the ability to work for the IT and online industries is still almost complete.

The virus is a high health risk for many people, kills people, tragedies and affects all societies worldwide. This aspect should of course not be talked down in this article. In addition to the humanitarian crisis, which is not the issue here, there are of course economic effects.

We also feel the economic effects of the pandemic through a little less inquiries and projects, but have also been enjoying the somewhat hectic pace so far. Some of our customers have problems due to the current situation. Another part tries the most possible to adapt processes in this regard and to make the best of it.

Sure, it's uncertain times, revenue is breaking away. Again, it is a time in which we can devote ourselves to topics that we would otherwise like to put aside in stressful everyday work with a little more peace and less daily business. This can also include going back to your own website or web shop. Vlt. if you take a look at the redesign, the extensions or the update, which you had wanted to do for a while, but which was always lacking the time.

In our opinion, now is not just a very good moment, but rather an almost vital necessity to further digitize your processes, offer more services and products online, develop new ideas and strategies, further optimize online marketing, search engine optimization operate and drive innovation. Online competition is now likely to grow stronger than ever. Of course, not every company can offer its products or services purely online, and not every company will survive this crisis unscathed. But it would be punishable not to take every opportunity to get the most out of it online.

So let's see the crisis as an opportunity on business and instead of falling into shock, continue to develop to ensure the continued existence of our business. In this way we can emerge stronger from the crisis. Because at some point this will also be over, we will get our everyday life back and the world will then be digitized a bit further than before, without you or with you!

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We at aemka have always worked almost exclusively from our home office and are therefore fully capable of working. We are there for you as normal and look forward to hearing from you!