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Zend Framework
A solid foundation for your web application


The Zend Framework comes directly from the company Zend, the inventors of php, the worldwide most used programming language for web development. Zend Framework is an excellent and flexible base for any kind of web application, to handle, store or edit any kind of data, to provide interfaces between different systems or for any other individual requirement that cannot be easily realized with standard software.

It saves us as a developer a lot of time on recurring ground work in web development as it provides for example a lot of security aspects to handle hacker-attacks of the web application and it saves you license fees, as it is Open Source software.

For example the Shop-System Magento itself has been built on top of Zend Framework. We already gained some real-life developing experience by building a complex web application on Zend Framework for a large German daily newspaper.

If you are in need of a web application, that is technically clean and stays extensible into many directions, get a free first consultation on your project!

Zend Framework


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